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Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique, Dr. Sue Morter and Morter Health Institute

What is the new training you're doing Andrea, and why? How does it work? Can you work on me? What does it do?

Here's some of the answers to questions that my clients have been asking me since i've started my training with Dr. Sue Morter, and the Morter Health Systems.


So first of all, this type of treatment works on anyone, from fetus and beyond. I've even started learning about inherited trauma and how releasing those embedded energies can impact future generations.

We have the ability to tap into deep rooted trauma from unknown conscious sources, access this connection, and severe it. In so doing, we are creating a ripple effect between those past memories, their claim they've held on us, and the future events and people that were holding potential to be changed.


BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique

For years I had a deeper sense of needing to give more to my clients in my massage therapy practice. I looked into many somatic techniques and talk counseling and even became a registered yoga teacher in three different modalities (Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin ) Although all of that research, learning and experience greatly added to my work and personal life, I overall did not gain a consistent and contributable way to help my client with their feelings and thoughts. Knowing the connection between the stories and the physical ailments, I knew I was searching for the exact modality that unites that in a workable way.

I joined Lynne McTaggart's Power of Eight masterclass and had weekly meetings with my intention healing group. The 8 of us were a team of healers that worked on using our heart and brain coherence to help each other ,and others, who could benefit from focused intentional remote healing. It was powerful and life changing.

Through Lynne I found Dr. Sue Morter. During a podcast Lynne was hosting, Dr. Sue was the speaker. The Energy Codes Book was the topic, and I resonated with every single thing that Dr. Sue was saying and how she was saying it. Ultimately that magnetized me to the pursuit of finding out how to learn everything she offered.

There was something in Dr. Sue’s voice that felt familiar, even though I had not heard of her previously. I absolutely knew this was EXACTLY what I wanted to practice, learn, and teach. The more I listened to her podcast the further I fell into following and knowing as much as I could about everything she put out there, and I realized the Practitioner Training was up and coming! I talked to my Chiropractor, Dr Christina Clapham, who is a Master Practitioner, and she told me to go for it!

Taking this training has filled me with a sense of excitement that was missing, a renewed sense of being able to facilitate the healing of my clients ,and continue to provide an amazing space of shared self empowerment, ultimately leading to a happier, healthier community.

I currently am a massage therapist at a sensory deprivation center, we do float therapy and I have a space with my massage table, light therapy, sound therapy and will now be doing separate sessions offering Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique, (B.E.S.T)

I’m so grateful to Dr. Sue and the whole team for all the hard work and time and patience they have with the learning process of this invaluable training and i’m so in love with learning it on a constant basis!

This course has taught me a lot of self trust, and universal trust, connection to the source, a letting go of what I thought I knew, to be open to knowing more about what the human experience is and how to work within it.

How does this therapy work?

Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique is a gentle healing system used to address stress and promote balance in the body including the nervous, muscular, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems. When a system moves out of balance and becomes exhausted, it creates a pattern of physical, emotional, and chemical symptoms including illness and disease.

What is Bio Energetics?

Bio means life and Energetics means energy, so we are working with the energy of life.

The electromagnetic field around the body is well documented scientifically, we observe this field as a pulse, or pulsating similar to the vascular pulse. This energetic field is not only detectable on the skins surface, but around the body as well.

We know this is a valid aspect of life when we are tuned into listening to our heart center, when we feel a "vibe" good or bad, when we get butterflies, shivers, or "just know". We are very guarded, blocked and protective of our right brain, gut feeling, heart mind.

This energy is the first thing people notice or pick up on when they meet you. This energy is what clears when you are in nature and what stagnates when you are lethargic and surrounded by electronics too long.

This energy is what translates perceptions into the physical form.

During your session this energetic pulse is what I will be synchronizing, or balancing. In doing so we are updating the information stored in the brain. When feeling the pulse, I am working with magnetic polarities, rewiring the nervous system through connecting the small electric currents they carry. Magnets can affect nervous cell electrical currents which have gotten stuck in Subconscious Emotional Memory Override (SEMO).

Accessing these patterns through the B.E.S.T method as a trained practitioner, we begin to allow the energy body to break through preformed beliefs that no longer serve you.

Relinquish patterns of subconscious programs, and give you a new baseline to feel alive and thrive from.

I am very much looking forward to beginning to add this work into my current practice and continue to have amazing transformative sessions with you all! Please be patient with me while I take bookings as I currently already have a list going for BioEnergetics and Massage, feel free to reach out with any questions or comments or just to get in touch! Love hearing from everyone!

Are you in interested in a BioEnergetic Synchronization Session?

  • I sure am, sounds interesting!

  • I'm still wondering what it is, need further information

  • No, not my type of thing

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