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Fascia and the Light Body

I think of the body as a net or web, of light, the fascia, that is similar to beautiful fiber optic wires running through us, and supporting us in a field of fluid of the 4th phase, a gel like substance, of water base. We hydrate and nourish our tensegrity web of fascia by staying hydrated, and using movement as medicine. We can stimulate our fascia through uncoordinated movement, such as dance, jumping, or through a therapist using fascia unwinding. Massage and Myofascial Release are assisted ways to release the fascial tissues and adhesions we’ve built up over our lifetime.

Fascia can be fluid, solid, bendy and it literally covers everything in our bodies. “Fascia permeates the human body in this continuous three dimensional matrix of structural support, it interpenetrates all organs, muscles, bones and nerve fibers, creating a unique environment for our body’s system functioning”

I mentioned tensegrity, and that is a way of describing things, individual components held within a suspended support system by tension, creating a system that these parts float in, but held with suspension. Basically compressed components held within a web.

Our components are floating a Bio Tensegrity system, a living web of parts, and none of them are connected.

This is where the Fascial lines and meridians come in, the interconnectivity of our fascial lines is why i love my job.

I think of massage as though i’m a squee-gee tool to apply positive stress on the tissue, squeezing out old stagnant energy, blood, and fluid, at a long slow smooth applied pressure, allowing the body to refill itself with fresh energy, blood and fuilds. Facilitating in the renewal and repair of the fascial tissue,

One of my Favorite Books i’ve recently finished is “Touching Light, how to Free your Fiber Optic Fascia” by Ronelle Wood. Not only is a quick read, but it’s written with such passion and a great amount of humor, i love her personal stories and her enthusiasm for the exploration of fascia in the field of health and wellness.

Another book i finished within the same week was “Free your Fascia, Relieve Pain, Boost your Energy , Ease Anxiety and Depression, Lower Blood Pressure and Melt Years off your Body with Fascia Therapy. Thats the book title, whew, written by Daniel Fenster. This book had alot of fantastic picture examples of working with a foam roller and how you can use these techniques to help dissolve deep tissue issues and begin to heal yourself in the comfort of your own space.

Speaking of issues in our tissues… that’s a concept i learned while studying Yin Yoga and with my amazing teacher, Nicole Shultz, and that no matter how much we try and squeeze, or force our pain away, there is a mind body connection we can’t ignore.

Another book i use with my massage clients is a go-to for my family as well, “Your Body Speaks Your Mind” by Deb Shapiro. I’ve had this book for years, and it comes with a handy little cd in the back that has a bodymind appreciation meditation. It isn’t a new concept that there is a massive connection between our body mind and obviously spirit or heart center. Our entire physical form is based on our emotional experiences, we are a reflection of our most inner self. (i can go on about this in another post) So when our emotions are a point of not being heard, they will reveal themselves in the body.

There is so much to say on this, but i've a whole blog to keep up on , so we can come back to this time and time again! ← if you are interested in the 4th phase of water i mentioned check this amazing video out ← i watch this one over and over because it’s so to the point and awesome, a great little clip of how perfect our bodies are! ←- i like this one because it covers so many issues on chronic pain which is such a big topic and this is a good starting point

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