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Float and Massage

If you haven't read the book on floating, and have questions about floating and why it's so multi-faceted in it's method of healing, you could probably have most answers through picking up this little gem of a book.

There's always my blog here, i'll include lots of quotes from the book, to make some sections invaluable in your understanding of the benefits of floating, and adding on the massage is an incredible maintenance practice for your life of chronic pain and/or stress, to find balance and freedom of the body and mind.

Floating affects the blood chemistry, brain waves, and muscular tension. In allowing the body to sink into a relaxed state, we release endorphins, which is a chemical that allows pain relief. There are many studies done and research conducted on the benefits of consecutive long term floating on chronic pain reduction or remission entirely. Headaches, low back pain, sports related injuries, arthritis and so on.

Alot of people wonder which combo is better, in what order should I book my sessions? Massage then float or vise versa? I usually tell them just book it, the rewards and benefits of both are so amazing it really doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is you've followed through with your commitment to you physical and mental health.

If I were to be technical though, I would say, book the float first, then massage, that way we can finish of your visit to this amazing center for higher consciousness with our Kalaya muscle cream and you get to leave it on your soothed muscles and go home feeling like a melty relaxed noodle!

The Kalaya cream is fantastic and we sell out so quickly! Its in a Cannibis Sativa carrier base, with 6x homeopathic Arnica for pain relief, a natural analgesic, and many people use Arnica for acute and chronic pain conditions. The added components are what make it stand out for me, MSM, which is methlysufonalmethane, sulfur, acts as an anti inflammatory, and the soothing eucalyptus and menthol make this little tube of muscle rub a definite must have after any massage, or as a good go-to in your bathroom cabinet for aches and pains.


The benefits of floating stay with you for days, and I always advise consecutive visits using floating as part of your health care, and as an addition to your self care routine.

Massage is a great way to relax, I love the meditative journey I experience when i'm in the zone during a massage and I often use visualizations and loving intention while I work to connect to what i'm doing in a deeper way. I loved what one client said, what I do is "a symphony of motion" and I'll never forget that description! It was as though he completely picked up on the method of body treatment I practice, it was a great compliment and part of the reason I love what I do. I love to give space for people to unwind, and being a part of a company that offers that is a dream come true.

I think it's universally agreed massage is good for overall wellbeing. And its a great way to maintain health and balance in the body and mind. The connection to a regular client in using my training, to build an understanding of their self as it stands and feels today. Seeing the body as an entire system, no isolation from the issues in your current physical state to your past mental wellbeing and deep seated psycho emotional connection. What brought you to this point? How can we allow you a space to unravel physically, to work on smoothing out those fascial adhesions and allowing room for a more balanced state of living.

<--- That's my massage room at the Floathouse and it's so simple and clean, I love how the building itself is a reflection of the concept it embraces, zen simplicity, peace of mind and stillness. Clutter free and a place to allow your sense to calm and remove external stimuli, stepping into a center for expanded consciousness, and inner peace. A place to listen to the whispers of your body and mind, maybe learn something new about yourself , or stop all efforting entirely and just be present, in a float and massage combo at Floathouse Westshore.

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