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Morning Magic, creating daily habits for health and productivity

Morning productivity to enhance and transform your life! Small habits that turn into healthy rituals to lead a fulfilling life based on daily routine.

There obviously is a standard wake up protocol a lot of people fall into, alarm off, snooze on, and the immediate feeling of not wanting to get up and start the day. Often our sense is saying , "not yet, one more minute of sleep" "i didn't get enough sleep" " ten more minutes" There are multiple reasons, excuses and ways this can become a long term thought process that ultimately creates a life of negative repetitive cycles that are non conducive to a happy healthy way of being.

What happens between our exuberant childhood of never wanting to go to bed and then when it is time to wake up we jump up excited to start the day again!

When do we slip into this drone like state of always wanting to go to bed and never wanting to get back up?

I think a few factors play a role in our interest and general lethargy of the daily grind.

Most people are exhausted, adrenal fatigue playing a huge role, leaky gut or some gastro intestinal condition that is contributing to the tiredness and mental fog, and top that off with an unfulfilling, unrewarding career that you feel obligated to do to survive in a world that otherwise would eat you alive. In your apparent limited lifetime you get to an age that feels as though change is an impossibility and so you might as well keep going as is, until retirement or something forces you to change that's hopefully for the better.

These overall states of mind and internal conditions or the body and spirit have destroyed the child in us, the dreamer, the bright eyed full of hope youth and believes in wonder and miracles!

This can be Reignited!

There is a fantastic little book out there called "The Miracle Morning" written by Hal Elrod everyone needs to read! This short read is a great way to cultivate a 6 practice morning schedule that takes 30 minutes of your time to create absolutely incredible changes in your life. Without saying too much , Hal refers to these six practices as LIFESAVERS! I won't re produce his works here in my blog, I'll just encourage you to check out the book and I just know if you can make those tiny little changes it will create ripples of immediate growth and positive change for you and your reality!

The Only Failure is to Never Try

There would be no harm in at least if you relate at all to the snooze button syndrome, creating some significant yet small steps to lighting up your desire to live!

Remember the little child in you, still an integral part of the you now, even though the physical component has actually changed completely, new skin, cells, tissues, hair, and a completely rebuilt you based on your conditioned beliefs!

A lot of people are still holding onto their child self, issues, and unfulfilled desires, dreams and yearnings that seem out of reach now as an adult. Why do we end up in this cycle? Carrying on continuously with a hopeless spirit? I think it's greatly contributed to the small thing we either do or choose not to, do. I feel the morning is a magical time, and the same at dusk, that quiet space to create, imagine, feel and fill with gratitude, appreciation and meaning. I know sometimes that positive talk can be annoying or seem un relatable, but even people who have been through worse then you or I at times can still find at least one thing to be grateful for. Just another day to be immersed in this sensory experience, to learn, breathe, grow and expand. To explore your reactions as a being in human form, as consciousness expressing it's need for belonging.


Its a miracle you are reading this, you've got a body, and mind and spirit, you've chosen to be here now, at this time in the spiral of life itself. That means you are here on purpose, YOU HAVE A PURPOSE , you are part of this global change, no matter what your views, perspective, opions or choices are, you are officially an integral part of the shift in HUMANITY 2.0. What a warrior to have chosen now to incarnate, to participate, to be form, to help or be helpless, but to be, to feel and build awareness in some way only you know, only you gravitate to flow.

I will share my morning routine that has made my life %100 improved and more productive in every single way. It's not a struggle because the massive impact it has on the rest of my day makes me jump out of bed in the morning to begin my fresh start and build my world from the dawn of my new day!


  • 5:30 a.m - Guided Meditation/Hypnosis/Sound Therapy (Brainwave Entrainment) (I will add these to the YouTube section of the Blog!)

  • 6 a.m. Quiet my mind, Connect to my heart, Feel awareness, Be Still

  • 6:10 a.m. Wim Hoff Breath Rounds (I like to do at least 3, at 35 -40 breaths, but honestly just one round at 30 is amazing to start! It feels AAAAMAZING!!!

  • 6:20 a.m 100 Crunches, or you can really do ANY sort of movement, stretches, or exercise that you want to work on!

  • 6:30 a.m. Green Tea and Water, Read or Listen to an educational podcast or anything that i'm into learning at the time.

  • 8 a.m Eat , usually a huge salad with avocado and oil, nuts and seeds, and egg

There is some times I mix up things a a little, but I always do these main things to keep myself healthy and happy! I have included Ocean therapy and Cold showers at times in combination with my Wim Hof breathing, and switches between abs and yoga in the morning depending on my needs. Its important to stay emotionally, mentally and physically flexible, the rigidity leads to brittle thinking and bones!

Another point that is important to mention is i'm usually , more often than not, on an intermittent fasting schedule of 16hrs, 4pm-8am, which is why I have my food at 8! This is for another blog post naturally, it's a big subject and it's a wonderful one too that I love to talk about since i've seen numerous health benefits to fasting, both pro longed and intermittent. There are alot of ways to do healthy fasting and some of them even include eating! Check out Dave Asprey and his journey to see some amazing benefits of biohacking your body for enhanced focus, energy and happiness.

Less is usually more when it comes to life I find. Less efforting, more trusting, less force more flow, less reaction, more observation. Less food, simplify your eating. I realize life is supposed to be fun and food is such a huge component to social gathering and event planning, it's the spice of life, the variety that we look forward to satiating our chemistry with after work. Food and distraction. What if that food was treated as medicine for your mind, body and spirit? Instead of Netflix you had a book you were finally writing, or a skill you were mastering? Cultivating patience and minimalism in a world that promotes super size and instant gratification. Sounds like a challenge to me, I love a good challenge!

Anyways, all this talk of food is for another post, I know in my heart our food choices have a huge impact on our morning , and thereby a massive impact on the rest of our day, so I personally highly recommend starting your day with the consumption of the mind and spirit, doing and being productive with meditation and movement, following with fluid, hydration and possibly a cold shower, physical cleansing, and then a gentle but thoughtful meal.

Fuel your Life for the ignition of your Future Self, start with the power of Creation and keep going from there!

Let yourself be constantly reminded through out your day of the morning ritual that allows you to remember your sense of self discipline and self empowerment, these memories create a wave of loving change that will give you that childlike glow and joy back!




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