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Need the Prices? Float and Massage Prices, Single or Combos

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Check out the Float House website for updated pricing, packages and any FAQ's you have concerning the process and polices.


Best way to book is through mindbody app, or phone and there's someone at reception at all times waiting to book you in!

Floathouse Westshore

106-2181 Jacklin rd


There is currently construction on Orono Ave, which is the road you drive down off Jacklin to get to the actual entrance to the Floathouse. So park by Growlies pet store, or anywhere on Jacklin and make your way down Orono Ave to our doors!

There is also parking in front which is perfectly fine for the time period you'll be in the facility.

There is also parking around back of our building, spots 124, 125, 126.

Pro Massage is what I do, it's with a practitioner, has at least 10 years in the field, and is able to do deep tissue and has the experience to work in the industry as a body worker, but not registered therapist. They will have credentials that allow them to do massage but not able to be claimable by extended health.

RMT is a BC Reigistered Massage Therapist, they have done 2 years of school at a credited facility to attain a license to massage. The sessions with your RMT can be claimable through extended health care.

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